VIRTUAL REALITY Imagine having a building with an intelligent skin in which the structure itself displays information about the environment as well as important data about the building such as: energy consumption.

BUTTONS We created couple of buttons in which you can nagivate through the graphene sheet to get information from the building or from the environment.

These buttons will then take you to a series of data readings in which you can



ENVIRONMENT INFORMATION Through the use of Processing and Temboo library we are able to get environ-
mental real time information such as the temperature, wind direction, and wind speed. With the help of this, we are able to communicate this to the building for better energy consumption awareness.


BUILDING INFORMATION After receiving environmental information, the building also displays information about itself and energy consumption through out the day. We believe that if the building its smart enough to tell you its necessities we can then educate and create environmental/ energy consumption awareness.6