The Workspace.

The idea of the project is to analyze cities/countries throughout what is being posted about them in the virtual world. To demonstrate the concept, we chose the Flickr website as the data source, and started mapping the tags that were related to the images. As an example, we chose the word “Park” and filtered the last 500 pictures that included that specific tag. After creating a table with the relevant information about those selected images, we geolocated each image and overlapped that information with a map. In that way, it is possible to visualize in witch cities the word is most recurrent. It is also possible to link the map with the data source website, so that the user can click on the chosen city and access the image related to the word he is searching for. The workspace, as it is now, gives us two different possibilities for a final presentation. The first is to predefine a specific country, allowing the user to input only the word he’s interested in researching. The other option is to allow the user to choose freely the word and the country. The down point of the second option is the zoom. Although we connected a scroll to the map, every time you change the zoom, the data has to be reloaded, and that can be very time consuming. Besides that, the user would have to find in the map the chosen country by himself. The first option is more user friendly, considering we can chose a center point for the predefined country, like we did in the shown example. In this workspace we defined Madrid as the center of the map, so whenever the user zooms in or out, the country in the center of the map is always Spain.

The Interface - Option 01.

The Interface - Option 02.

Group: Carolina Libardi | Carolina Miro | Erina Filipovska The URL link to the workspace: