During these last few weeks we have been experimenting with components and joints. First set of experiments was focusing on the funnels and joining them using polystyrene balls and grill sticks as well as elastic materials.



Second set of experiments was using paper tubes as spacers. We defined one of our constraints as cost after going through a cost analysis using only funnels for the structure. Paper tubes are usually a free ‘trash’ material left over by printing company’s and fabric stores that can be easily found all over Barcelona.
Experiment using spacers

Experiment using spacers

These were joined by fitting springs inside the tubes and connecting them with hooks. However this experiment resulted in a loose joint and did not use the possibility of the funnel to its potential.

The third set of experiments was introducing inflatable balls (balloons/beach balls) and develop a fabricated joint.


IAAC, Lightweight Structures.

This is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA01 in 2016 by:


  • Thora H Arnardottir
  • Fulvio Brunetti
  • Utsav Mathur
  • Tanuj Thomas
  • Connor Stevens


  • Silvia Brandi
  • Rodrigo Aguirre