The conclusion of this thesis is that there is always a possibility in revitalizing run down structures and systems. The combination of three completely separate topics of prisons, fisheries and offshore oil rigs merge to create a completely new system, while keeping the most substantial ideas together. Rehabilitation of inmates, Recycling the platform and the re-thinking of fishing creates a unique combination of issues that had to be solved for this thesis to work. From the psychological effects of incarceration on inmates to the systematic layout of fishing, the combination of these generate a new way of problem solving that needs to be addressed in today’s society.

The Re-rig concept intents to solve these problems by analyzing the main issues within each of these three areas. Overpopulation, over-fishing and overuse of these systems generate huge economical, ethical, social and environmental issues that have been going on for many decades.

The main intention of this thesis is to focus on the overpopulation of inmates on a global scale, and the post-prison effects these inmates have after release. Re-rig, focuses on teaching inmates’ new skills such as professional fishing, cleaning, basic mechanical/ electrical engineering and cooking which they can develop on in after their release. With enough space, resources and time for each inmate to develop their skills, a new ethical understanding through positive communication between inmates and staff allows for a new development in social interaction. Inmates get treated like individuals instead of animals, this will reflect on their behavior in post-prison life, reducing the change of being re-incarcerated. Re-rig also introduces and economical aspect for the inmates, giving them a small salary and a certain percentage of the profits being made. Allowing them to feed their families and take care of the bills while in prison.

Offshore platforms seemed to be the prefect structures to develop my thesis on. Naturally being isolated from the world, it creates an automatic security barrier to discourage any escapees. The re-use of these structures also reduces the increase of air pollution and has a lesser economic impact than completely removing and recycling the steel structure.

The last part of the concept is fishing. The population has been rapidly increasing over the years, and the increase of consumption of fish comes with it. This is become a huge economical issue since the oceans are running out of fish to feed the masses. Controlled open fish farming reduces these issues of wild over-fishing while simultaneously creating an income to keep the prison platform operational.

The Re-rig master thesis highlights alternative solutions by combining different issues under one roof. This unique combination allows for global issues of prison overpopulation, over-fishing and mass removal of offshore platforms to be solved in one design. Off course there are many more issues to be solved within the Re-rig design itself, with more time and more development the concept allows for new doors to open and possibly become a reality, starting a new age of ethical prison systems.

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