A Self-Sufficient Model for an ArtLand.

Student : Cagan Izgi

Thesis Advisor: Vicente Guallart

Term 01


We are in an amazing system in this Universe together, moving in time on earth. However today, humanity is living in chaos, entirely disconnected from one another. The concept of “Killing” is the major behavior within humans. Which means that “to destroy or neutralize the active qualities of-” the nature, the future, the connections and the honesty… As we get closer to imitate the patterns of nature and patterns of human, we growing apart from each other as this situation creates communities living in cognitive dissonance.


In 1995 Ted Kaczynski, also known by the name Unabomber, is an American mathematician, anarchist who issued a wide-ranging social critique entitled Industrial Society and Its Future, or the Unabomber Manifesto, opposing industrialization and advancing a nature-centered form of anarchism. And In his manifesto he says that;



“Never forget that a human being with technology is exactly like an alcoholic with a barrel of vine.”


With the internet and new technologies the concept of “Sharing” is changing day by day from the physical to digital platform and it is blocking the way to live with respect towards nature and cutting of our ability to experience it. Even, the system of education is based on separating the kids from nature and from each other.


To fix this, education and art are the only healing seeds that we can put in this system today. Creating a system which rooted into nature and produces art as a fruit to feed global community.


Re-thinking and Re-linking the connection between nature and the human, information and experience, digital and physical through architecture is the focus of this research. Is it possible to design a space which gives an opportunity to relink these concepts within the new generation through art?


Hilde Methi who is the curator and collaborator of Dark Ecology Project is mentioning that;


“What we now know about the impact of human beings on the planet has led to the need to rethink the concepts of nature and ecology, and exactly how humans are connected to the world. This rethinking occurs in philosophy as well as in the arts.”

To re-link these concepts, designing a Self-Sufficient Habitat which is connected to nature to educate and update itself by giving an opportunity to an artist community to live and to train their minds with creating an inspirational area for the new generation is the main focus of this research.


On a smaller scale, in case of energy and time, the labor force to maintain the Self-Sufficient systems doesn’t allow artists to experience nature out of the cycle and create art. Minimising labor to maximize energy and time for the experience will be the other focus of this research.


“ How can we design the “food & energy production with water & waste cycles” to minimise the labor for an artist community allowing them to achieve self-sufficiency while focussing on art? “


Exploring sustainable energy and food production cycles, water and matter managements, and new connections to the nature will be the focus and there is a book named Prototype for the Self-Sufficient City from Iaac 2015-16 which will be the main source for the research on cycles.




And now the question is,

By following a similar approach to the prototype, How to apply these systems to 1 hectare land for 12 artists to define the minimum land for an artist community. 12 Artist from all strata with different levels of education, information and experience that gives the opportunity to share, to form and to build a knowledge.  

In this scale, Biosphere 2 is another case study that we can gather quantitative information about the production and management cycles for 12 people community.




And for sure Valldaura Lab is very related project that we can grab updated information today. Which focuses on sustainable qualities like “Life-Design, Energy-Lab, Food-Lab and Zero-Mile Diet”.


So where is this ArtLand? It is located on the south corner of Vinaros, Spain which is an agricultural zone.



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