02  To rewrite the atmosphere between the residents and the river Having gone through a long history along with the revolution of Barcelona, the Besós River has been improved to utilise the quality of the atmosphere it brings especially to the flanking regions. In Sant Adrià de Besòs, it provides a platform for various activities for the nearby residents, resulting on a good community bonding. However, this positive atmosphere is only being utilised at the north side of the river. On the contrary, the south side remains inactive. Apart from a farther location of the residents from the river, the only path which leads them to the river is poorly planned and facilitated. It creates an unwelcoming and undesirable atmosphere along the way, declining the relationship between the residents and the river.

  Intention As an intention to rewrite the atmosphere between the residents and the river, a proposal was made to expand the atmosphere of the riverfront to the residents by establishing a farming ground. GREEN1SHEET_FARMING What do we mean by the Atmosphere of the riverfront? We have broken it down into 4 categories. Namely – Self sustainable ecosystem, Vegetation/ Landscape , Pedestrian Activities and tranquility.             Proposal The proposed structure consists of individual modules which facilitate the farming activities with the atmospheric elements of the riverfront. These individual components form a surface that reacts to the needs of the farming activities, performing as an atmosphere generator with a versatile structure adapting to different conditions. 6 aMOVEMENT SECTION copy

A video showing the 3D  simulation of the movement of the structure responding to different parameters. Also a prototype moving sing touch OSC and arduino. The prototype enables us to demonstrate the idea of a structure being resposive to real time data an how the users can bring about changes in the structure according to their needs. MASTER PLAN     The master plan shows the structure growing from the riverfront to the residents, improving the atmosphere along its way. 02 B02 1