The course, run by Daria Bychkova (Chekharda), aims to teach how to design and build keeping the natural geometry of trees, through the project of a playground structure and its subsequent construction.

The process is structured in different stages, from the trees choice and cutting in the forest of Valldaura, till the design and construction of a climbing playful structure in the Collserola Natural Park in Barcelona.

Cerdanyola Observatory / Collserola Parc, Barcelona


After choosing the Valldaura trees that will be used in the construction, following the ecological rules based on forest management, the students proceeded to digitize the trees, following the Noumena guidelines. This made it possible to think for a design based on the natural shape of the branches and trunks of the selected trees.

Digitalization of selected trees

The intent is to create a natural landscape playground, based on a non-linear shape in order to make the child feel free and puts in contact with the nature.

The schematic design produced is an organic structure containing a high level of improvisation in order to connect children and parents to nature through play.

Therefore, the natural shape of the branches and trunks was the main inspiration for the generation of the structure, avoiding to affect the unalterated forest environmental in which it will be inserted.

Perspective view of the design/ All trees taken into consideration

That is no other reality that nature.

Raw Nature: Design and construction with unalterated forest trees is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Masters in Advanced Ecological Buildings in 2019/2020 by:

Students: MAEB  2019/2020

Faculty: Daria Bychkova & Michael Salka