Our building is located on the hills of Torre Baro, an area established by immigrants who were coming to work in the city. This area grew up without any plan whatsoever. Torre Baro and the areas around it have been neglected by authorites and do not have the same quality facilites as the ones in the city. Our proposal takes aim at the importance of water conservation and purification as well as the growing needs of a growing population in this area. The outer structure of the building serves as part of the purification system in the building. By means of Herbal and UV purificating systems, rain water is collected and then cleand up and ready to be used as potable water. On the bottom part of the project grey water is collected and purify by means of Bio sand filter, in which grey water passes thorugth a series of layers(filters) and then is ready to be reused again. The inner part of the building which serves as the usage space, is sorrounded by a flexible and transparent material in which the users might be able to create their space according to his or hers needs.