To develop a prototype with a performative behavior, was the target given for the workshop held by Edouard Cabay. We translated the work  done during studio into a concise notion of a prototype to understand a module , or a simple aggregation of them in order to move forward with our projects. The prototype built during the workshop consists on a surface, which target is to modify itself according to the usage and intensity of mobility happening on it, by responding to the pressure of the occupancy (weight) it deforms/reacts with and emerging landscape which can provide program along the surface, in those parts which lack usage. Pyshically, it is composed of a grid-made-surface, which is glued to a lycra fabric, and since the grid is composed of individual modules, hexagons, in this case, they are able to stretch or come together as needed, underneath the surface a box holding an air mattress which gives the performative behavior, it is maintaining a constant air pressure for the surface which allows the action/reaction to the weight and pressure. The vertical elements in each module are being used as “witnesses” of the changes in the performative topography, it can be obvious to the eye or extremely discrete, and this pointers help us understand how the deformation of the surface is happening, also, something interesting was discovered by their usage, and element quite similar to this could be introduced in terms of mobility, to bring a new visual language, boundaries, stratification and permeability into the surface. Interesting things were discovered, specially how the air mechanism needs more research in order to determine and adequate system for it, something that can control the deformation aside from the pressure. It was very important exercise since we discovered hidden behaviors, restraints and possibilities, during this process.