Core of the idea

  • Walking brings the city alive. The piece will visualize data from walks and runs.
  • We all create our own version of the city. The visualization will not include a typical map – it will show how we create Barcelona with our walks. People watching the piece might be able to recognize neighbourhoods from the patterns generated by the walks.
  • I will focus on how walking is an act that exists only in the moment. The route will not be shown in its entirety.
  • The visualization of the location trail will use the standard map colors. This can help people to guess where to walker is, and will also reveal something about the qualities of the space used during the walk: main roads, sidewalks, buildings, parcs, …
  • Each GPS record is visualized as a line. Length is inversely related to speed. Short lines = fast. Long = slow. Direction of the line correspond to the compass.
  • Add basic info display with speed etc.

Phase 2: multiple routes

  • Check with running file, see if it’s different enough.

Phase 3: POI data

  • POI data is displayed along the route. The amount of POI’s displayed depends on the speed in a segment of a route. Slow sections have more POI’s.
  • POI’s popup with name when passing by, and disappear when moving further.
  • Data sources for POI’s: Foursquare.
  • Add street names to info display.