Produino Final Assignment // Galaxy Shooter


MAA 01

Music credit: The Pirate And The Dancer by Rolemusic.


For the final project of Produino, we decided to make our own game in order to have fun while learning!

The idea of the game started from the retro arcade games we used to play as kids so as the interface of the game we made a design which would combine the classical pong game with the space shooting game.

The development of our game has two parts: first one is remote controllers which are small Arduino breadboards, second one is designing the game which is the interface we made by coding in Processing. Our remote controller has a piezo sensor which registers shoot and gives noise feedback as you tap it and an accelerometer which moves you as a player on the y-axis as you tilt the remote controller.

In Processing, first of all we created two pongs on the opposite sides of the screen that are moving in the y-axis then we created the bullets that are shot from the pongs to the enemy side. Afterwards, we created a hit registry function according to the location and the size of the pongs and we created another function to count the hits. We added a function to visualize the hits by filling the pongs red briefly which reverts back to white after a second. Then we created a condition which would count the hits of each player until a specified number which would then end the game and declare the winner.

By using both Arduino and Processing, we obtained a simple interactive game, played between physical and digital tools. To test the game we had a chance to invite some friends to play with us.

Thank you for playing, have fun!


Galaxy Shooter is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2017-2018 by Ogulcan Unesi, Bhakti Loonawat, Ozge Tektas, Yasmina El Helou. This project is the final assignment of SO.4 Produino Seminar.

Tutors: Angelos Chronis , Angel Munoz.