We are located in the central area of the city of Hong Kong, in a very particular spot where more than eight different buildings are connected between them through elevated and narrow walkways that tie one building to the next one. This connection is mostly concentrated on the first three levels of each building. The generated circuit is purely capitalist and consumerist due the activities that englobes.

The project proposes the extension of the existing circuit mostly concentrated in the first three floors, to the upper levels, generating a more complex connection among all the possible levels.

In the presence of an existing capitalist and consumerist circuit, it is proposed four new productive circuits (food production circuit, energy production circuit, knowledge production circuit and fabrication production circuit).

Several actvities are geneated along those circuits which interact with the existing activities in the whole urban ecosystem.

This system of connected activities may generate several configurations of a common program. In this case, it is proposed a one year calendar which includes some of the activities or events from the whole system. This calendar specify the quality and the needs per event, in order to generate a closed circuit that could fit in the specific site we are located. These proposed events along the year are an example of what the four circuits of production could generate in a near future. Most of the events are consequence of the intersection between various circuits.

Unfolded conceptual section which shows the versatility of connections and programmatic system in each building.

Productive Connections is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at MaCT (Master in City & Technology),
2017-18 by:
Students: Irene Rodríguez Vara
Faculty: Willy Muller & Jordi Vivaldi