Producing renewable energy is not the only solution to make green buildings, it is possible to produce all the energy the buildings need, however, if they do not have a proper envelope, all this effort will be useless. It has been proved in many research that a decent envelope will strictly reduce the need for energy and it will improve the indoor thermal comfort of the inhabitants, however, this message did not reach everybody yet.


As the studied building is a CLT factory and because the aim is to create a sustainable/green building, it has been decided to work on alternative solutions to the wood manufacturing process. The first “improvement” is the attempt to naturally dry the wood. The facade will work as a wood dryer by lifting the wood and bringing it back it will take enough time to “naturally” desiccate it.


During a previous workshop, it has been quantified the amount of greywater that could be treated through the studied building facade and the Proactive Envelope module give the opportunity to work on it in a more detailed way. More than only develop the detail of the facade structure, it has been studied a way to connect the whole surface in a more efficient way.

It has been added solar panels on the facade as well in order to generate a bit more of energy that might allow the facade to work alone, as a separate element, without requiring external effort. The idea of using Nanoparticles applied to the solar panels give the surface a color uniformity as much as possible.


It has been done an effort to study all the elements that generate the final aspect of the facade, to better explain how it will work. however, it is still work in progress to apply this to the whole building.

Barcelona CLT factory is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Ecological Building and Biocity 2019/20 by:
Filippo Vegezzi & Rafael Abboud

Faculty: Miquel Rodriguez