An Experimental Meta Museum

Artifacts from the future is about the development of meta objects for a speculative scenario in year 2053 and also the design of a meta museum.

Creating a Scenario: As our speculative topic is Corrupt Air in 2053, many issues have taken into consideration for the design and development of prototype.

To solve the issue of corrupt air, we need to tackle some issues

After some research we choose Phytoplankton as a source to provide fresh oxygen

To make the Artifact self sufficient, it is made to rely on humans like human sweat, CO2 exhaled by humans and sunlight.

Phytoplankton is stored in a container which is provided with sweat by sweat collecting system embedded in the fabric and also provided with CO2 exhaled.

Fabric helps human stimulate more sweat which is later drive into Phytoplankton containers through pipes, additional nutrients are provided to ensure the growth and constant supply of oxygen from Phytoplankton.

Praesidium is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture

Program: MAA01, Artifacts from the Future

Students: Adriana Kano Limarino, Ashraf Ahamed Basheer Ahamed, Elena Kavtaradze, Hari Krishna Gundu, Tawnza El Moujahid

Faculty: Mathilde Marengo and Ece Tankal.