Times are progressing at a rate where devices and mechanisms have become an integral part of the human life. Imagine the times when people had to wait for getting certain tasks done due to lack of systems and applications. The flashback of these incidences can be tracked to less than 3 decades ago. The advancements in device technology have taken leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time. Imagine the possibilities it would reveal in the future. Power to the people focuses on various data sets on criminality and implying solutions to make the neighborhood a safer place.

A city is always meant to deliver aspects of unforeseen possibilities as it progresses in due time, irrespective of the consequences it might face. Cities are meant to induce facilities to battle problems keeping the inhabitants satisfied. But, imagine a situation where the inhabitants themselves are becoming a problem for the city, a problem which spreads like a disease, is almost uncurable, and is not easy to cease.

Governing authorities spend thousands from financial budgets every year to solve this problem, just to find out that the cycle is never ending. This cycle is like the head of hydra, which grows back, irrespective to the times it is cut.

Forbes magazine had a publishing at a time, that increasing CRIME rates are affecting growth rates and financial conditions of more than 25 cities in the United States of America and more than 200 throughout the globe.

Hundreds of movies based on this theme are produced every year throughout the globe describing hypothetical or real life scenarios reasoning to legible solutions or acceptable endings, which might be completely different in real life.

Criminality reports have been released at short intervals revealing unpleasant facts stating levels of deterioration an environment faces in the hood of Crime and unlawful acts.

This study reveals explorations of how technology can be used to create an environment in the already present public sphere which can prevent Crime at certain scales and create public harmony, which contributes to the city in its progress.

The interventions contributed in terms of technology are explored at a neighborhood scale which gains the opportunity to be part of a larger system and is not just restricted to a specific phase. this modular prototype of the neighbourhood can undergo transformation of expanding as part of a small networked neighborhood.

Imagine an environment which does not threaten the statement of life or property uncertainty. Almost instantaneously life would gain momentum and human beings would tend to focus on other important aspects of their life rather than just worrying about survivability




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