This project is focused on generating temple spires which is also called as ‘Vimana’ or ‘Shikhara’ in different Indian temple architecture styles. In this domain of temple architecture there are two major styles called North Indian style and south Indian style. The key difference here is in North style the shape of temple spire is more curvilinear and in South style it is shaped like a pyramid.


Our approach focused on finding out key features in the temple spires and try to mimic them through our parametric modeling approach. We studied these styles and developed a synthetic dataset using generative design and produced multiple iterations of these temples. Geometrical Fractality was used to create the cascading effect and we used spires along with loops to control the number of subdivisions. In order to mimic the carved ornamentation we sliced the spire of the temples.

Parametric workflow for generating temples



Parametric workflow for voxelising temples and generating .txt files.


Temple base (stellate plan)

Temple base




Postdigital Temples is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MaCAD (Masters in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design) in 2022 by Students: Daniyal Tariq, Mahmoud Ramdane & Naitik Sharma and faculty: Oana Taut and assistant faculty: Aleksander Mastalski.