Evolutionary Computing is the collective name for a range of problem-solving techniques based on principles of biological evolution, such as natural selection and genetic inheritance.
Speculative formation of natural path. A set of agents and attractors deforms hemp fi bers in order to aggregates hitself and creates a fi brous connection in the space following the rules of attraction and repulsion. Forces are also applied to determinate the behaviours and simulating possible trajectories of the fibers. The drawing made with kangaroo describes the start fi bers lines, the possible result and the fi nal fibrous result.
Through Galapagos we were able to identify two points on a surface created with Kangaroo. These two points have specfi c characteristics regarding the altitude respect the xy plane, the inclination of the surface, its curvature and the distance from a point with coordinates x, y, z in the geometric space. These points were then placed in connection: one is the start point and the other one is the end of the path. The goal of the exercise is fi nd the minimum path. Through two types of research we have been identi ed two minimal paths.