IMG_2194PortaVall is the ‘Portable‘ wind turbine of ‘Valldaura‘… The project aims to use all the resources in Valldaura such as local materials, man power, FabLab and its feasible resources in order to produce a portable wind turbine that is able to use the philosophy of self sufficiency in Valldaura, and spread it all over the world. The project started off by using salvaged materials, then moved on to using recycled wood from Valldaura site and with the help of the digital fabrication, the product was a portable, demount-able, light-weight, and sustainable wind turbine. The idea then elaborated into using the folding technique in addition to textile material which makes the product lighter and more efficient. Print a phylogenetic chart showing the progress of the idea   sheet 2-the elements defining the design process   MM manual of the product including assembly, specs and maintenance