Our proposal is focused on increasing material circularity and reuse in the numerous city events in Barcelona that require temporary architecture. Embracing the principles of Design for Disassembly and modularity, the pop-up structure becomes easy to assemble, adapt to the new function or environment. Moreover, the circular design approach solves the crucial problem of reducing waste produced during temporary events.

Trade Shows & Waste Management in Barcelona

Barcelona has a long history of hosting large exhibitions since the late 1800s. Trade shows are a reflection of the country’s business activity and social changes, showcasing innovations in the different industries and promoting international exposure of companies. Yet having a great socio-economical advantage, those events have a bad impact on the environment, the amount of waste produced is crucial.

Circular Logic

To reduce a large amount of waste, the principle of 4R is applied.  Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Local accessible waste is used to produce elements for our structure. Most of the elements have the same shape to optimize the manufacturing process. The shape varies according to the material properties.

Produced kit of parts is delivered on-site, assembled, and disassembled over a specific amount of time. The structure can be repurposed or moved to another site.

Requirements for Kit of Parts Structure

Joinery reference for DfD concept

System Detail

Assemblage variations

Possible programs and configurations

Material Selection

Material references

Material Catalogue

Material Life Cycle

Material Life


Portable Kit of Parts is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master for Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by StudentsDaniel Sorial, Yasmine Chacour, Victoria Fedorova, Jose Levy Rodriguez and Faculty: Ignasi Cubiñá, Ariane Lima, Sofía Battistino, María Colantoni