main Designed to nurture our environmental responsibility for future self-sufficient societies  Porta-Val is a deployable, environmentally sustainable and economically affordable wind turbine. Following the philosophy of the Self-sufficient labs of Valldaura, Porta-Val is an open-source product fabricated in the the Valldaura Fab Lab by using the local available resources and materials. Our goal is to spread the elegance of renewable energy through hands-on every day product that help spread awareness about the importance of self-sufficency in our lives. Performing an everyday task, eventually allows the sharing of the self-sufficiency experience within the community.  12 Porta-Val is a result of an extensive research and testing on prototypes with the help of a broad spectrum of disciplines; architecture, electric engineering, programming electronics, materials and motors.   Mechanism mechanism mechanism-   Electric Scheme 4 5   Future Vision Porta-Val has a long-term vision to generate more energy and spread it … pic 1 Porta-Val 1.0 _ 2014 is a practical product, easily carried to any location through a backpack. It is capable of generating energy to charge a mobile phone  pic 2 Porta-Val 2.0 _ 2016 will be even a smaller version of version 1.0 directly connected to the mobile phone. The electric box will be replaced by a mobile application to regulate the electric current and ultimately charge the battery immediately pic 3 Porta-Val 3.0 _ 2030 is a prototype targeting the futuristic human lifestyle of the year 2030 that will demand further green sources of energy and ultimately necessitate smarter wind turbines. Version 3.0 will have the capacity to recharge laptops in wireless mode   The Procedure last