diagramPOPULATION GROWTH The temperature in the world is increasing. That is a fact. One of the input is for example the growing population in the world and the increased consumption of energy. To visualize the growth, we have visualized all the countries of the world with a column, which height is determined by the given population for each tenth year. RELEASE OF METHANE The release of methane is a global warming time bomb. Fx the sibirian tundra is full off methane, which will be released when the global temperature will rise. Methane is 20 times more damaging for the ozonlayer compared to CO2. Releasing all methane at one time, will have the effect on the environment as a nuclearwar. Release of methane in the nature is normal, but if the temperature will raise within few years, million tons of methane will be released within in a very short time, and will make a mayor impact on the ozonlayer. This release is one of the positive feedback in terms of global warming, that will speed up the whole process. In this assignment, we will see how the countries has added unnatural methane into the environment.   140210-IAAC-Assignment 01-Alessio and Tobias_Page_08 140210-IAAC-Assignment 01-Alessio and Tobias_Page_09 140210-IAAC-Assignment 01-Alessio and Tobias_Page_10