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As an introduction to our topic, we would like to define the Point cloud can as a collection of data points in space produced by 3D scanners software. The laser scanner captures an accurate as built of an object or area, which can be used to create a drawing of an existing structure with the exact dimensions and specifications.

Now a days in renovations or redevelopments, the rich, complete data captured with a laser scanner can provide the required information on existing building conditions with the accuracy needed for construction planning. As construction progresses, laser scanning data can be used to compare the newly constructed work against the designed model or drawings for quality assurance.

The main process of Point cloud are as follow:

As technology advances have made it faster and easier to capture billions of points of data across a construction project, determining how the data will be stored and managed becomes crucial. However, for many in the AEC industry, operating a laser scanner on site may never happen, but, with greater numbers of scanners in the market and increased demand, taking delivery of a digital point cloud is likely increasing. it also tackles the problem of lacking the computing power of most electronic devices. Especially with AR, where people just use their phones or tablets to view the 3D renders. Needless to say, such a demonstration will earn any architect an extra point at a project presentation. Or it can even be a decisive factor, depending on the client.

The podcast engages in conversation with the guest speaker who is an expert in the field of point cloud in architecture construction, Mr Matt Gordon. currently he is doing his post diploma in Circular Engineering for Architecture at ETH Zurich. He has been involved in Scaled robotics as well.

Expert, Mr. Matt Gordon

What did we learn?

After the discussion we have learned and developed better understanding about the following topics related to point cloud such as :


  • What common software’s are being used to bring point cloud data into BIM software ?
  • Frequent occurring challenges in BIM for point cloud digital twin modelling and how you tackle them ?
  • While generating the digital twin via point cloud, how many initial testing versions are   required   for   a   complex   project   to   feed   the   sensors   with   appropriate information to collect and combine data ?
  • Ways of collaboration and their challenges in the field ?
  • To what extent “cloud computing” can help us in generating faster twin model ?
  • Like How much AI is being implemented  to make scanning process more faster ?


We would like to thank Mr. Mathew for being with us for this podcast on the topic of point cloud in architecture construction.

We really enjoyed the conversation on the topic of point cloud. We have really learned and got to know some interesting information from you. Also ,I would like to request all my listener to kindly go and check Mr. Mathews published article on the website “hart energy’ and published paper in caadria2021 conference.

“Point cloud in Architecture construction” is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Masters in Advanced Computation for Architecture and Design in 2022 by:

Students: Sidhant Choudhary and Mansoor Awais.

Faculty: Maite Bravo.