Project by: Mehmet Berk Bostanci

SO.7 – Programming / Tutor: Angelos Chronis



Poant is a Processing sketch compiled of automated agents as ants and attractor points as food. The ants originate from and bring food back to their nest. An ant´s motion is defined by random directional vectors unless it´s closer to a food circle than the detection threshold. When the ant detects food, it gravitates towards it and takes a piece of the colored circle at contact. The ant´s new target then is the nest, to where it diverts it´s trajectory while leaving a pheromone trail of the same color as the food.


The slide-in interface allows to control the number of ants, zooming scale, the number of randomly scattered food and the switch between random and manual scattering. The background color can also be changed, allowing for various visual contrasts.