The exhibition of new media art depends on the capacity of a space to show a performance. To experience non-stable, immaterial objects and variables. This documentation occurs in real time.

Plug&DisPLAY will supply a new atmosphere for art exhibitions, will boost the interaction between artists, their audience and their environment, and will link architecture, art, technology and digital manufacturing, by using local resources and promoting local participation, the fab lab communities, artists and general public.
This temporary model can be replicated in different places.

Museums and galleries have been designed to show static works and for an unlimited period. Nowadays new media art is gaining space in the art scene. Besides, emergent new media artists usually do not have the opportunity to display their performative art in well-established galleries or festivals. We need locations to exhibit and experience this rotating work that changes every time, an assemblable and disassemble structure to let artists organize their own events and display their work by themselves.

The aim of the project is to create a replicable and transportable structure for new media artists to provide a flexible space that could be able to adapt to their activities during an exhibition.

The objectives of the project are:

To supply a space for artists which can be reproduced in different locations.
To improve the interaction between the artists, the environment, and the public by use of this temporary model.
To combine architecture, art and technology, using local resources and promoting local participation, the fab lab communities, artists and general public.
To empower new media artists with a flexible and replicable model they can set up, transport, and store by themselves, adaptable to their specific requirements to promote their art.

This research will apply a method to develop a replicable and transportable structure to offer artists a flexible space that can adapt to their activities during an event. The functions and construction system will be the variables that determine the conditions of design, production and building of this flexible and replicate module to display new media art. A series of sessions with artists, curator and the architect will allow to introduce the project and adapt their exhibitions to the proposal structure. The interviews will determine the requirements; the workshops the multiple configurations, and the performance itself will open future possibilities for the replication of this temporary structure.
The final product will house one or more digital artists to present their performance in this temporary structure and will give the users the possibility to participate in the manufacturing process and cultural event. Empowering artist with this technological product, easy to fabricate, install and transport; that will simplify process in the exhibition of new media art.