PIPE DREAM is a system to create a better ecosystem in Mar Menor. The pollution created by opening the canal several years back has been disturbed the ecosystem and life around the lagoon in Mar Menor. Fixing the life of Flora and Fauna will bring back the ecosystem back to the cycle.


the channel has created several issues around the lagoon. The temperature in the water has completely dropped down creating lack of oxygen in the water. strangely the level of salinity dropped down and the nitrates released from the factories has bring the Eutrophication. The life under water has been disturbed and let it grow some unusual ecosystem.


The major agents affecting the Mar menor’s life are growth of Phytoplankton and Harmful algae blooms, Dredging, release of Estacio Channel, Salinity levels has dropped down and waste waster from several industries and households.


To tackle the problem , it is necessary to understand the current food web under water. the disturbance has led different species like jellyfish and blue crab has invaded the mar menor which feed on phytoplankton which is the main source of many small fishes in the water. The Poseidon Oceania is a grass which goes under water which is a major habitat for many of the fauna.


The design is a combination of several methods of tackling the problems to bring the life back to normal.  The Sound and light waves and brown algae around the system are introduced and controlled to avoid the predators attacking the fishes. The combination of different sizes of pipes are introduced for the fishes to escape from the predators and also creates a mating place. Polyaniline coating of tiny spheres floating on top of the water helps it to float and also clear the nitrates in the water which majorly affects the growth of flora and fauna.


 is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the MAA01 2019/20 by

Students: Eve nnaji, Nitha Shivapuram, Preetham Alapati

Faculty: Mireia Luzárraga, Fiona Demeur