But most thing end by concealing us.

Look: trees are!

Our shelters endure.

But we, like mingled winds claim no single habitat.

All things conspire to keep us secret-half it seems, from shame and half in token of some unspoken hope.

R.M.Rilke, Ⅱ Duino Elegy


・”Homeless service providers were more focused on planning for the extra services responses during of the extreme heat/extreme cold.” But not security and comfort.

・”Their mental health suffered more because of insecurity.”

・”They felt more depressed and  struggled to keep themselves well during during cold, wet winters.”

・”Spanish cities may be considered to have a temperature climate with a history of very hot summers  homeless populations have health needs during winter months.”

Why select this issue?

1)A lot of cronic health issues are due to ‘wet and cold weather’.

2)Homeless spend large amounts of time outdoors which makes homeless people vulnerable to the impacts of cold and wet weather.

3)Reports indicate that cold weather injuries (exposure to elements) are one of the most common injuries the homeless face – cold wet weather often exacerbates  their health conditions.

4)Homeless are never prepared for the unpredictable weather – soak all their belongings – wet clothing can lead to various conditions regarding health.

5)Can cause sleep deprivation.

6)Quality of life and life expectancy is dramatically effected.


Students : Marc Bou Assaf | Takeru Osoegawa | Xu Jiang

Faculty : Angel Munoz | Cristian Rizutti

Project developed as part of IaaC MAA program 2017-2018.