Piezo2O is our proposal for reclaiming Camp Nou as a public space that is actually for the people, powered by the people while promoting and restoring the natural ecology of Les Corts. We plan to hack the untreated greywater from the surrounding residential area and filter it in our stadium through constructed wetlands. Camp Nou will take a portion of the treated water for herself , another portion will be returned to the water grid for public use and the remaining will be used to create an alternative public space in Camp Nou. The constructed wetlands will take over the current seating areas of Camp Nou along with serving as an alternative public space changing the experience of Camp Nou into a “park-stadium” ambience. In addition, an inflatable canopy will be introduced by using the energy from the wetlands. This canopy will act as a disinfection chamber for the water through evaporation, condensation and exposure to UV rays from the sun. Consequently, these inflatables will all

Consequently, these inflatables will allow the space to be adaptable to conform to any configuration needed for any event happening within the park stadium along with creating a metabolic roof system hovering on top of an alternative viewing paradigm for Camp Nou.



Weather Studies


To inflate the air inflated structure utilizing water vapor in order to disinfect the water as the final process of the water cleaning system we created our own balloons with two with one two inputs and outputs. Using heat of a hot air radiator we aimed to bring water vapor from a pan into the balloon, the hot air aimed to maintain a constant temperature and preventing the water vapor condense at the contact of the cool plastic.


Grey Water Cycle


Purification Canopy

Purification Module


2050 Vision




Piezo2O is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2021 by: Alex Ferragu, Rishaad Mohammad Yusuff, Rachel Busche; Faculty: Javier Pena & Oriol Carrasco; Student Assistant: Alexander Dommershausen