In the age of technology innovations and digital innovations we tried to activate the Barcelona milling map in IAAC with Live feed from Twitter and Bicing BCN .

We worked on thre different digital platforms to achieve the projection mapping on to scaled map .We used Processing to parse the Live feed and relay it on the projector with Syphon and Resolum Arena .

The Interaction between the User and Digital Works was our primary goal which was achieved with the helpp of Arduino Rfd Tag reader which convert physical input to signal the change in Processing though serial ports .The projection mapping was done with two projectors merged to achieve the sufficient depth and information on the huge surface at IAAC.1black

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Virtual Hub  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA01 in 2015 by:


  • Varsha Subba Rao
  • Goutham Santhanam
  • Firdhose  Ghouse Basha
  • Karthik  Dhanabalan
  • Chenthur Raaghav N


  • Guillem Comprodon
  • Angel Munoz
  • Cristian Rizzuti