yearly energy consumption    (= m2 per floor x floor x consumption)

                                          average                                                                                    saving measures

resident        =          450m2 x 6 x 80 kWh = 216 000 kWh/year             450m2 x 6 x 38 kWh= 102 600 kWh/year

commercial =           225m2 x 2 x 25 kWh =   22 500 kWh/year              225m2 x 2 x 25 kWh=   22 500 kWh/year

total                =                                                     238 500 kWh/year                                                     125 100 kWh/year

total photovoltaic (PV) energy gain                                                  

PV gain = 71 (PV panels) x 0.45 kW = 31,95 kW  => total = 31,95 kW x 1 347, 27 kW (PVGIS) = 43 045 kW/year

yearly energy balance

balance =  125 100 kWh/year – 43 045 kWh/year = 82 055 kWh/year       (needed from the grid => 66%)







For water collection, as part of our water source, we decided to provide the whole surface of the roof. Even though Valencia is not a very rainy area the maximised area of harvest allows a small catchment, especially in the month of September and October with around 30l per month.

Since the Solar panels are placed on the roof, it was clear for us to give the roof a fully metabolic use.

A water basement in the cellar allows the storage and distribution of the collected water around the building.

Another of our strategies to sustain the water management is to reuse grey and black water, which helps to serve all the toilets in the residence completely and partly feeds the irrigation system.




”Permeable bubble/ Metabolics” is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities in 2021/2022 by:

Students: Tutu Awosika | Prasidh Choudhary | Anton Hofstadt
Faculty: Jochen Scheerer & Oscar Aceves