00   How Do We Develop Urban Farming Before Density Increases? This project aims to challenge the accepted process of urban development by proposing a system that encourages urban growth without threatening agricultural production. Project Team: Taiesha Edwards, Denis Li, Saad Saheen  

  Paranoia The people of Castelli ought to get ready what’s coming! The word around Rome is it’s time to expand and their rural neighbor is looking rather attractive with its existing ease of access, rich villas, and dominating fields of production. More and more people with full wallets and empty stomachs will be great for Castelli! Then friends will tell friends about this beautiful new suburb close to Rome but cheaper, and more and more and even more people will move to Castelli. But where will all these people build their homes and cafes and grocery stores and schools? Will they threaten the the robust production that currently relies on its sprawling agricultural fields? Before you know it, Rome will have a competitive cityscape adjacent to its fading border. Homes will become towers and productive vineyards will be striped down to ornamental greenery on balconies and roofs. Unless… Could we free up some of the landscape by dynamically stacking the production fields? It would be like using localized agricultural squares  to attract newcomers to planned spaces before density forces Castelli to limit or eradicate green space. How do we develop urban farming before density increases?