This is an speculative fictional machine that will feed us in a future. By face recognition the PBp process the information of who we are and what we need inside the “perfect balance pill” in order to produce it and provide it. We just have to put our faces in front of the camera, and after few seconds the machine will recognize who we are and what we need in our pill in order to feed us for the hole day. 

This idea becomes from my “Distopian World” concept that im working on. You can find more information about it in my last blog post or below in this post.

How i create this machine…

I use an Oscilloscope, an Arduino, 3 Leds, 1 Servomotor, 1 Webcam, a funnel and wood for the white box.

Here you can see a flow diagram that explains how hardware and software are connected.

For the design I used wood cutted with laser machine, and inside there is a dispenser system that provides pills that are contained in a funnel and goes down when the servomotor is activated.

The Story of the future…

In a distopian world, resources have run out due to an extensive population to feed and the land has been rendered in fertile. A Government funded lab therefore developed a solution to save humanity: That solution came in the form of ; a chemical food pill. Labs began to sell these pills in order to save the global populations.

Some governments made the pill obligatory, regulating public consumption of the pill. Where each person was provided with the “Perfect balance Pill”. This is the pill that has all the vitamins and proteins that the body needs to survive. With these, they also control the amount of energy that each person should have depending on their social status. In some cases supplementing drugs like Adderol to increase productivity in workers.

After thousands of years, this feeding methodology has become the global standard, and humans have evolved as a direct result. These distant relatives  do not have teeth, for example, there is no necessity. They have all the same color skin, they do not produce vitamin d12, the brain is smaller, and they do not need problem solving skills (the computer provides everyone with solutions).

There is limited space in this alternate world. Most people live in small square apartments. These generally include a bed, a desk, a small wardrobe and, dry bathrooms. They dont have kitchens, they do not need them. Some people of a more affluent class are able to afford the vending machines for the pills. In these cases they can choose what effect they want depending on the porpuse. For example, the coffee effect to facilitate work, or the wine effect for a date.






PBp Machine is a project developed at Masters in Advanced Interaction by Agustina Palazzo, as the result of Tool Seminar – Physical Computing.

Faculty. Raul Nieves