PathFinder is a personal AR assistant that shows the extrusion paths to create models. Together with PathFinder one will be able to unlock the full potential of the 3D Pen and freely print and assemble complex geometries.

Equipment required:

– 3D Pen
– 3D printing filament
– PathFinder App (installed on a mobile device with camera)

The app is designed to aid one in freely 3D-printing small objects and models. Therefore, possession of a handheld 3D-Pen is essential.

Introductory steps

When PathFinder is launched, it takes the user through a quick introductory series of steps before starting 3d printing.





Scanning and Printing

Once the tracking of the base is successful, PathFinder prompts the user to start the assembly of the base. It shows the user how to fold and attach the paper formwork template to the base. While scanning the template, the app shows where to crease and fold the paper to become the formwork for your project‘s components.


After the formwork is attached to the base, the user gets multiple options of pattern to choose from. Once the pattern is selected it is then projected on the paper formwork to begin drawing with the 3d pen.

Pathfinder then displays the paths or references to extrude along with the 3D Pen.
Pathfinder breaks down each components into different sections and displays them each in turn, for the user to print.


Component Assembly

After the printing of several components, PathFinder  shows  which sides to join together and the overall shape in which the pieces should be positioned.

 Overall Assembly

Once individual patterned components are extruded and joined, PathFinder shows the Overall Assembled Geometry consisting of these components.


Fabricated Pieces



Alternative Option

The user also has an alternative choice of  freely drawing while having an indication about the expected density or the full extrusion paths when the HeatMap is displayed.

PathFinder App demo


PathFinder is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2022 by Students: Aishwarya Shama Sunder Rajendra Prasad, Victor Iñaki Engelhard Suarez, Sarjak Rakholiya, Jett Demol  and faculty: Daniel Koshelyuk, Nikol Kirova, Gabriele Lliuda  Jureviciute . Course: Fab AR