Louvers , that add aesthetic quality to structure  also provide passive shading .


ref : South Campus of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou, Chi


Form development

a. Concept development

Facade development .


a. Creating openings


b. form development


Creating Louvers, that react to the solar movement .

Grasshopper script 

Inner surface

a.grasshopper definition showing the  base  structure development and triangulation used to create the            openings 


b.grasshopper definition for material application  – in terms of texture . 


Outer  Responsive Facade :

a. Definition for development of louvers 

b. Definition for rotation  of louvers  according to sun path 


Rotation of the Louvers



Project : Passive Shading facade

Masters of Advanvced Architecture


Students: Madhurya Bayyapuneedi