Passeig de Grácia Street – Group 2: Nasr Chamma | Robert Garita | Mauricio Valenzuela. Web-site link: Facebook page:

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Passeig de Grácia is one of the most important streets in Barcelona, from its historical face like a starting line for planning the entire city, its commercial entertainment type, its famous architectural buildings and the huge public spaces. The current situation of the street is active; it always has a lot of citizens and tourists that they are making these big consuming relations, high density, big mobility movement but only at the day-time, nothing at night, just in case of some events. Commercial entertainment street = Consumer = Active street How to make it: Pro-Active, Productive? In a smart way, for a better space use, dynamic street and intelligent city The main goal of studying “Passeig de Grácia” is to make it again a starting line to transform all Barcelona to a pro- smart city by using the high density to collect information’s, receive it and send it to save time, Creating a new mobility Matrix to change the transportation ID to a smart eco-friendly one and innovate a new dynamic life style that it can interact with people, to make every action in Passeig de Grácia a big event. It’s the street protocol from Micro to Medium (City Protocol) to the Macro. The current position of the city in the 10 top smart cities around the world is 10th. A new age should start, like a main street in Barcelona; Passeig de Gracia should make this relation between its 3 topics “the high density, commercial pole and mobility” being smarter to improve quality of life, manage complexity, increase efficiency and reduce expenses, and be later like an example for all other streets. With using the “Street Protocol” like an interactive tool and a dynamic measurement system, the situation of the street become clear between 3 classes, Class C – Good, Class B – Smart and Class A – Premium, that makes the mapping part easier to focus after on some main sections; between Complimentary boundaries, Street layers, Transportation, Street Furniture, Street Commerce and The Cultural Historical Boundaries. By constructing a communication base in Placa du Catalunya, the data brain is going to receive live data every second and give status updates on Density, Traffic Patterns, Pollution Reports, Parking Reports, Parking Spaces, Water, Power and Light etc. to transform the street by projecting different futuristic scenarios 2015, 2020, 2030, 2050 and 2072 etc. Watch – Collect – Send – Receive – Use