Barcelona is a city with a lack of urban green areas. While New York has more then 23 square meters of green areas per inhabitant, Barcelona has only 5,60 square meters per city dweller. Our area, located in the Ciutadella park and its surroundings is strategically located in the geographical center of the city, and has potential to help solving that problem. Although the area has 4 different parks, only two of them are used to its full potential. The other two parks (Barceloneta Park and Parc des Cascades) are disconnected from the urban tissue, specially because of the presence of the Ronda Litoral, and remain unused by the population. Parkop[o]lis is a strategic plan to connect the existing parks and to create new parks. The hypothesis is that, in the city of the future, cars will change and become more compact. If that happens, roads as we know them will have to be redesigned. By doing that, we transformed the Ronda and integrated it with the existing parks. The EstaciĆ³n de Francia will also become a part of the park, since its use will change once the La Sagrera train station starts operating. Park[o]polis: Create and Connect. To see the full project, click link below:

Group: Carolina Libardi | Daniela Quesada | Erina Filipovska