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Over the years Parametric design has taken a big leap from being just a set of digital animation techniques to advanced parametric design systems and scripting techniques.But this tool has helped close period of uncertainty that had been prolonging over the years, and had a series of short lived movements such as Postmodernism, Deconstructivism, and Minimalism.
Architecture and Urbanism is addressing this societal demand for a change and parametric design techniques are playing their part at shaping the new environments making parametricism a new style of architecture rather then just a set of digital techniques. Animation, simulation and form-finding tools, parametric modelling and scripting have helped sculpt this new emerging style. The design tools individually can’t bring the shift in style from modernism to parametricism, but observing the changes in the designing process followed at many design studios all over the world parametric tools are becoming a base of solving all the complex designs and becoming an essential component of the studios.
Parametricism: Present status
History explains quite a bit of the present day state of parametricism, it is a designing tool going through indeterminate phase of cycles of research and Innovation, in the near future it is going to emerge into a style after going through a lot of changes and improvements and adapting to the fabric of the society, developing and shaping the new way of life for the future generations.
The style has defined a few parameters of designing that determine the principles of the style such as;
-avoid rigid geometric primitives, avoid simple repetition of elements, avoid unrelated elements or systems being in close proximity.
-consider all forms to be parametrically malleable, differentiate elements gradually, inflect and correlate systematically.
The Existance and Agendas:
This style can only exist if there is a continuous advancement of computational geometry which is aided by computationally advanced design techniques like scripting and parametric modeling. But with the advancements happening there should also be an advancement in the agendas for further growth, at present parametricism can be said to be following 5 major agendas:
-Parametric Inter-articulation of Sub-systems: The ambition is to move from single system differentiation
-Parametric Accentuation: Enhance the overall sense of organic integration through correlations that favour deviation amplification rather than compensatory adaptations.
-Parametric Figuration: A complex configurations that is latent with multiple readings that can be constructed as a parametric model with extremely figuration-sensitive variables.
-Parametric Responsiveness: Urban and architectural environments receive an inbuilt kinetic capacity that allows those environments to reconfigure and adapt themselves in response to prevalent occupation patterns.
-Parametric Urbanism – Deep Relationality: The urban massing describes a swarm-formation of many buildings whereby lawful continuities cohere this manifold of buildings.
Hence, Parametricism is a compilation of digital tools having a lot of research happening on them which eventually are going to develop the tools into an emerging style which is going to the shape the future of the cities and spaces we would live in.