Multi-Story Car Park  // CJCT Studio

Designed by CJCT Studios, this high-profile car park is situated at the University of Leeds and can be seen from the center of the city in Leeds, UK. This innovative car park utilizes a custom exterior of aluminum panels.

The panelization of the façade is essential to the environmental aspect of its context. With the perforations on the panels, the building strategizes to focus on maximum passive ventilation combining with natural lighting. Each panel is angled in a specific way preventing light pollution while generating a fluid and simple pattern.

The focus of the façade is to maximize passive ventilation and control natural lighting. The angles of each panel allow for sunlight reflectivity controlling the amount of light. The perforations allow for minimal light to pass through the panels and into the structure which reduces the light pollution.

Analyzing the overall structure, the panels are consistent within a grid allowing each panel to be fully optimized in terms of attachment and construction. The aluminum panels are triangulated from the center and the adjacent corners are either moved up or down. Thus creating the angled shape which allows for the fluid pattern when composed as a whole.



Pseudo Code


  1. create surface – modular geometry
  2. triangulate surface – datum line for bending
  3. extract points – analyze center and adjacent corner points
  4. corner adjustment in z-axis – modification for panel angles


  1. offset surface – set boundaries for perforation
  2. distribute u/v – create datum for geometery
  3. centralize U/V grid – set center for geometry
  4. distribute circles – perforation

surface + perforation = final geometry

//final geometry – angled with perforation

  1. set surface – define geometry for grid
  2. distribute u/v – create datum for surface
  3. centralize U/V grid – set center for surface
  4. distribute – orient final geometry to surface


//degree of angles – depth of each panel

//offset of perforation – closer or further from triangulated surface

//perforation count – more or less perforation

//radius – size of each perforation














Parametric Skins: Multi-Story Car Park // CJCT Studio is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MAA01 in 2019-20 by:

Students: Frank Feng
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre (tutor), Mohamad Elatab (tutor), Ivan Marchuk (assistant), Oana Taut (assistant)