[Junction 9]

By “MODA” Modern Office of Architecture + Design

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

10,000 sf Commercial building

Year: 2014

A screen facade designed to cover an existing building made of para metrically designed vertical fins built from reclaimed wood.

The smooth, textured, topographic appearance of the screen was designed to replicate the flowing movements happening inside the studio. The shapes and layout of the fins also creates a dynamic facade that appears to change depending on your location both inside the building and while on the street.

Main criteria – Designing a facade cover under many constraints such as:

  • Low budget
  • Playful and interactive
  • Matching the brand
  • Conservation restrictions

Material and composition: Multiple wooden fins aligned in a vertical grid. Using 100 year old fir reclaimed from an abandoned grain storehouse, MODA created a screen of fins over top of the concrete exterior of the building.

Facade tile: Wooden fins with changing shapes, According to the wavy main surface

Array grid: Screen fins along Y axis