The facade of the retail store is defined by boxes that create a sense of flowing dynamism.
The depth pattern is giving the surface curvy form.
Material: Composit panels

Design of the façade has a pixelated effect. To achieve that effect this way is followed:
  • Surface with the 3d curves
  • Dividing the surface by size of desired cube dimension
  • Giving the depth of cubes 


Facade Main Element

Cubes' depth and the form of façade is defining by virtual curves. To get those curves 
and to be able to manipulate surface, graph mapper component is used.

Facade Array

The surface is square grid base.Division is made by Quad Panels component. For one iteration 
triangular base grid is used.


facade iteration video


Archdaily- Nudes Office

Nudes Office- Regal Shoes

Parametric Skins / Regal Shoes by Nudes Office is a project of IAAC, Institute for 
Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2019 by:

Student: İbrahim Uğur Kükner
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre, Mohamad Elatab
Assistant: Ivan Marchuk, Oana Taut