Parametric Logic Decoding Ysios

This project experiments with computational design rhinoceros and  grasshopper, to decode the parametric logic of a facade/building . The existing facade system goes under a series of analysis and geometric logic to aproach to the original geometry system behing it.

The analysis is structured through a series of simple steps to compose the final complex design of the original example.



  • Base: Create two sinusoidal lines alternating to each other that will compose the basic setup for roof and facade.
  • Division curves and Points: Create a subdivision, along those curves to generate a list of elements.
  • Modification of Points: Transform specific item from a list to create the focus peak on the middle element of the series.
  • Volumetric build: Create union elements between the points to create the surfaces and box elements that conforms the geometry.



This exercice is part of the first assignment for the computational design studio.

Studio SO.3 faculty :Rodrigo Aguirre and Aldo Sollazzo.

Parametric Logic Decoding Ysios is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at MAA1 in 2017-2018 by:

Student: Eduardo Chamorro Martin