The parametric lighting design project is a hypothetical lighting design company that designs mass customizable fixtures for clients to choose from. Customers can visit the website and change the iterations using the sliders controlling the various parameters such as dimensions, colours, quantity of lighting sources, finishes, etc. This would ideally update the cost for the fixtures, and send back the model to the designer/manufacturer who would then go ahead and manufacture the design and ship it out to the customer. The project also utilizes a drop down menu that allows the customers to select their lighting design. In the back end, this is actually selecting from multiple GH scripts. This project is in line with the principles of mass customization and the ability to allow customers to iterate their product selections and be able to use the same machinery to produce it via parametrically controlled fabrication scripts.

Click here to access the interface.

The interface shows the designs in scale with the available parameters that can be changed.

Using a drop-down list, the designs can be changed

As an example, the colours and the dimensions of the designs can be controlled via the interface

Lighting Design Company is a project at IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture and Design 2021 by Sumer Matharu in the S1-Digital Tools for Cloud-based Data Management taught by Will Pearson and Luis Fraguada.