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Inspired by traditional Chinese theatres, the three-storey building features a curtain-like facade of bronze tubes.

These tubes hang in three layers, creating semi-transparent screens in front of windows and balconies.

When the design was first announced, the architects described this facade as “a moving veil,

which adapts to the changing use of the building, and reveals the stage on the balcony and views towards Pudong”.

As well as the main theatre auditorium, the 4,000-square-metre building also contains a series of

exhibition and events halls, including one on the roof.

Decomposing the logic of the facade:

-First of all the hanging tubes are divided into three layers and each layer is placed on a different track

-Second point is that the tubes take a waveform while rotating   around the building

-Third point is that the first and third layer move on the same direction were as the second layer move in

the opposite direction

-Fourth point each tube contain joints with the same wave shape.

The main criteria of the design,

and thus the main focus of this exercise,

was to create rotating tubes along a path moving around the building.

  • The form is composed of three different curves
  • each curve has different parameter
  • Curve 1 and 3 move in the same direction were as curve 2 move in the inverse direction
  • There is 250 tube per curve
  • The diameter of the curve is 30 cm
  • The length of the tube is related to the sign wave


  • The bronze tubes are the main element of the facade.
  • These tubes contain different joints
  • The tubes move on specific track to form different interlooking waves
  • The tubes was made using SDL lines , cylinders and the joints were done using lofted circles
  • The parameters that could be modified:

➔The shape of the wave created

➔The number of the tubes

➔The radius of the tubes

➔The length of the wave

➔The animation path

Animation Parameter = 0.18

Tubes Count = 250

Animation Parameter = 0.51

Tubes Count = 250

Animation Parameter = 0.18

Graph mapper  (change the curve)

Animation Parameter = 0.51

Graph mapper changed + Remaped value changed

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