Architect: Lab modulus
Location: Taiwan
Year: 2012
Assignment: The challenge was to create triangular panels which looks like scales 
of the dragon,by doing it on grasshopper we could explore the system of Facade of 
Hongzhu Housing Sales Center in different parametrs.

Final Render


The design of the facade is focused on the objective of filtering and diluting direct
sunlight aimed at the building. Some panels are composed of metal which are then perforated. 
The panels are also angled through gradual variation on degrees as a second method of light 
filtration. By decreasing the amount of solar heat gain within the interior space, the building 
is able to condition itself with heat reduction. The angles of the facade also allow for gaps
in the outer shell which then provide natural ventilation into the interior spaces. 
With heat reduced and points of ventilation gained, the building is able to perform at an
optimum as well as with minimal air conditioning units. 

The design itself works off of arrays and attractor point variations. A strip is composed
using 3 points of attraction that will be manipulated in order to create the variation.
Two points are lifted from the facade and edge lines of the panel then connect the points 
at varying lengths. The third point, the center point, is placed upon the facade and varies 
in distance on a singular plane. The two points are then connected to the center point. The
panel is then arrayed and the points are slightly varied, this creates a more natural
transition which in turn results to the facade’s wave.

Photo from archdaily

Psudo code

Grasshopper script

Final model


Varying the parameters of the facade and the curve movement we get different results 
with the same concept.




Parametric Facade of Broad Museum is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture 
of Catalonia developed  at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2019 by:
Student: Madhavi ojha
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre, Mohhamad Elatab
Assistant: Oana,Ivan Marchuk