Parametric Facade


The main task of this exercise is to decode the logic of complex facade systems,
analysing and defining the computational process behind them. After we will
propose several configurations that reflect the parametrization of the building
skin´s Pavilion. Following below  the Pseudo_Code


1 – Using the references we found on the Internet from the pavilion we draw all transversal lines concerning the main structure using the right view.
2 – From some of the lines we evaluate the curve to have some points in order to create a curve
3 – In ground floor we create two curve to use as pavilion´s base.
4 – From the lines we did in Point.1 we create planes having the same inclination of these curves
5 – Using planes in Point.4 we intersect all curves done in last steps: two curves in the base & one in the top.
6 – As result in Point.5 we have three points per intersectional planes we will use to create a nurbs curve using flip matrix
to organize data structure how we need it.




7 – From Nurbs curve we have from Point.6 we create a loft as skin surface.

8 – Suddividing the skin surface done in Point.7 in UV´s we achieved to have have points in both direction. What we achieved in this step is to prepare the surface to look the way to have quads as panelization.
9 – Working in data structure using relative items we achieved to have the surface organize in quads(closed Polylines) mentioned
in last point. Now we have the base of the pyramide and the wireframe to use for the pavilion´s structure.


10 – We create a surface per quad we did in Point.9
11 – Using Face Normals we have both the center of the quad and the normal vector to use for the pavilion structure and for the last
vertex we need to conclude our pyramide.
12 – Using quads we did in Point.9 and normal vector per quad we found in Point.11 we extrude in negative direction to make the main
structure of the pavilion.

13. In Point.11 we found the way to have the center of each quad so we will combine with the normal vector per quad to find the
location of last vertex we need to have our pyramidal component. In order to parametrize we will need some factor we will explain
how we find in the next steps to apply later in the normal vector.
14 – Taking as possible input as parametrization we will use the user location. So we calculate the distance between the user(base) and all
and all the quad center we had from Point.11
15 – Using the data in Point.14 we apply in the normal vector was waiting for in Point.13 to find the location for our last point.




Interactive user Outside >>> Pavilion

Interactive user [ Inside Pavilion ]

Interactive user Outside Pavilion >>>


Parametric Facade is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2018/19 by:
Students: Ignacio Bedia Pastor
Faculty:  Rodrigo Aguirre, David Andres Leon, Daniil Koshelyuk