Assignment 1: Al Bahr Towers, Abu Dhabi


The task of this assignment is to select one of the Parametric facades and replicate the design using simple grasshopper codes. The Building selected is Al Bahr Towers, it is located in Abu Dhabi.


  1. Create a triangular grid and give your desired size of the triangle. Extend X and Extend Y can be used for number of triangles in the axis accordingly and plane is set to XZ.


2. Explode the grid and use evaluate curve command


3. Use line command and take input from evaluate curve and Area command. Evaluate curve the output of line and add parameter to control the size of the opening.


4. Use Area command to get points which can be moved using move command, direction and distance is added by using Unit Y and slider.

5. Use cull index surface command to delete extra surfaces and duplicate data.

6. Outputs from Duplicate data 2, move and point from the above image is connected to 4 point surface command to create surface.


7. Bake the 4point surface to get the final output.


Below Image is the complete grasshopper script

‘Parametric facade’  is a project of Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, Computation Design in 2017

Student: Hari Krishna Gundu
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre | Aldo Sollazzo


Reference for Image :