The interaction between animal and plant species defines environment cycles around the world. Specifically in Barcelona, an area with a major pollution issue, the relationship between animals and plants are now at the utmost importance, as this is the only way to help cultivate a more verdant country.

After spending the past two months working in the Superilla, an experimental street block to promote sustainability, safety and produce less noise, we realized its decrepit state and need for more greenery to attract animals, more specifically birds.

By examining a tree that is common in the Superilla called the London Plane Tree, we saw a connection between a Eurasian Magpie and a seedball. The seedball from the tree required an outside force to begin the process of propagation, whether it be a human interaction, movement through the help of animals or other natural occurrences.  This process of exterior forces driving the seed to spread and bloom inspired us to take that process and use human control to induce seed dispersion.

Based on our analysis, our idea began as a 3D printed green wall with individual pods established on a three-layered concept: connecting to the wall, printing an organic filament to extrude seeds into and begin the propagation and a protective/structural exterior layer to support growth and protect from sunlight. This idea then changed to individual eco pods made to match the wall rather than to be forcibly attached to the wall.

Incorporation of the failing parts of the Superilla allows us to create an advanced green Parametric Eco Pod to fill in cracks in decrepit walls, while utilizing programs like Agisoft in order to manufacture a three-dimensional scan of the cracks, in hopes of creating an ideal fit of the device into the cracks of the wall. Using materials like Hydrogel, organic filaments and a dual mesh system, our plants would be readily sustained while growing.  organically and blending into these cracks. The Parametric Eco Pod will be available to all regional foliage conditions and communities in able to improve both the environmental vegetation and make mundane spaces more alluring.

Parametric Eco Pod is a project by the Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia, developed in the CIEE Global Architecture & Design Spring 2017 program by:

Students: Parker Meade, Tessa Cleary, Emma Kravitz
Faculty: Mathilde Marengo
Faculty Assistant: Maria Kuptsova
Teaching Assistant: Iacopo Neri
Fabrication Seminar Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre
Data Seminar Faculty: Marco Sanalitro