‘In February, giants and giant heads, dragons, devils, sardana dance and other expressions of popular culture awake to celebrate the winter festival in honor of Saint Eulalia, patron of the city. A party that, after dark, with lights illuminating Barcelona BCN festival where tradition blends with new forms of expression that transformed the city with the language of light.’ – 


The MAA_O2 Paradiso team have been working on a proposal for the iaac installation at the chosen site for the upcoming 2017 llum festival. Named “Paradiso” is project to capture the imagination of the catalan people, immersing them in a child like wonder world of sensual discovery under a full moon lit plazza sanctuary. The project is centered around “Saint Eulalia”, the theme will reveal the saints story of defiance to the roman ruling of that time. Visitors are encouraged move through installation and interact with the balloons to experience a light and sound interplay.



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Paradiso is a project proposal for the Institute of Advanced Architecture for Catalonia in pursuit of Masters of Advanced Architecture  2016/17, proposal completed with a collaboration of iaac students; Hsin Li, Karthik Dhanabalan, Burak Paksoy, Yasamin Khalilbeigi, Nisarg Sheth, Sureshkumar Kumaravel, Noor El-Gewely, Tao Aur, Fernando Castilho, Robert Staples. This workshop seminar has been provided under the guidance of IAAC faculty tutors; Luis Fraguada, Ece Tankel, Maria Kutspova and visiting tutor Klaus Obermaier.