// Beijing National Aquatics Center

Tectonics/Materials // A steel space frame ETFE Clad walls Weaire–Phelan structure

Architects // PTW Architects, CSCEC, CCDI, and Arup


Pseudo Code

1. Begin with identifying the various elements of the built mass:

Structural Shell

Voronoi Pattern

ETFE Panels

Shell Framework

2. For the built mass, start by defining the base geometry and shell dimensions.

3. Once the base geometry is achieved, overlay the Voronoi pattern onto the surface.

4. By intersecting the different faces; the resultant geometry is obtained.

5. For the panel bracing, convert all the planner surfaces into mesh/ polylines which can then be extruded to replicated the actual form.

6. Lastly, to make the geometry seamless, smoothen all the curves and surfaces.

Structural Shell


Voronoi Pattern

Panels & Shells