Description_ About 350 million Plastic bottles are dumped in the garbage cans all over the world in a single Day. Plastic and Plastic bottles are one of the major portions of the amount of urban waste and consumes high amount of energy to re-use by the process of melting. Another such material is paper. Every person in an urban area consumes and throws 500 pounds of paper each year. Paper is another substantial element in urban waste. The PPCB and PPCBi are made using the plastic bottles by only altering their physical forms using minimal energy consuming methods such as cutting rather than melting. Paper is made into a pulp and used in the bricks upto 60% of the total ingredients and hence the resulting brick is light weight and sturdy due to the fibrous nature of paper. The Paper is bound by cement and plastic strings.In the PPCBi the circular cross sections of the bottles are used to allow light and air ventilation in the enclosed space.