Palmyra House – Studio Mumbai Architects

This project is located outside of Mumbai near the Arabian sea. The site surrounded by nature which is the significant factor for designing relationship between inside and outside spaces base on positional relations and atmospherical relations.

The shape of the house was related to the position of the existing trees which separated boundary of the house into two masses that are connected by the transition space with the flexible opening. Architects decided to keep the trees and blended the house with contexts by using local materials, and created the shade and shadow projecting on the house materials by the coconut trees which are connected the atmosphere between inside and outside.

In conclusion, the spaces of Palmyra house reveal the relational logics between architecture and nature by illation and interaction explaining how nature shape our building and our behavior. The illation is how architecture located with nature, and the interaction is how human relate to nature.

Tazan in the media forest – Toyo Ito

Learning from a tree

Nowadays we are facing with the digital age that we are receiving  the information  rapidly, and how we can understand the society in this situation. Toyo Ito ‘s texts “Tazan in the media forest” give us examples how architect realize the contexts which are daily transformed by using metaphorical relations to metaphor the city and architecture as a tree. Especially, his capability to combine nature with technology in terms of architectural forms.

Architectures should related to environment surrounding the architecture as the form of trees and the trees system which leafs and branches adapt to the sun on top, and roots adapt to the water in ground but the trees itself have trunk for feeding each parts. Moreover, we can’t define space of the trees that these are inside or outside, so architecture will be the part of nature.

In conclusion, we can live with data and nature homogeneously by understanding the systems rather than separating because we are the part of nature.

The translation

In everyday life, we are receiving the information of everything and generate in our system how can we react with that information, and nature also the part of information. Furthermore, we have to translate the information for our understanding that why people have different reaction with the same information. It depend on what culture you are or what contexts that affect to you according to the Palmyra House and Tazan in the media forest both of them receive the information about nature but why their works expose the different ways of thinking about nature.

We are challenged by information from the new technologies. How we receive it and translate into our understanding and how to explain our understanding through architectures.